What makes OrthoBridge different?

First off, we are entirely cloud-based, giving you greater flexibility to run your practice systems.  Orthobridge reduces costs while growing your practice and prioritising patient care. It’s flexible, scalable, and fully-integrated. Everything is in one system, ready to serve you.

Can we have an on-site demonstration at our practice?

The cloud-based technology behind Orthobridge lends itself to a virtual meeting and demonstration.  We will conduct a remote meeting for you and your team, take you through all the functions within Orthobridge, how we support our clients, and any particular aspects of the application and company you’d like to focus on.

Following the demo, if you wish to have a follow up meeting at the practice we can arrange this.

Simply contact us to arrange a virtual demonstration.

Can we transfer our existing patient data into the system?

Yes. We have automated data transfer solutions for many leading orthodontic systems

How do I convert if I am currently using other software?

There are three simple steps:

You or your IT person can request access to your current patients’ contact information.

For most providers this is simply a case of contacting them and asking them to export your data to your server. Once complete, we will transfer your data to the new system ready for you to review. For OrthoTrac, once requested, they will provide access to the database and we will take it form there. In most other cases, your current provider will export your data into CSV format. Once the information is in the CSV format, contact us and we will migrate the data to Orthobridge in a HIPAA-compliant manner.

Then you can begin working in OrthoBridge and operate your old system for as long as you want, until you're comfortable. At that point, the old system can be retired.

How much does it cost to transfer our existing patient data?

The cost is based on the system you are converting from.

Is my data safe in the cloud?

Your data is safer in the cloud than in your office. Your server is much more vulnerable in your office than it is in a secure, locked down data centre. where your data is monitored and managed by IT experts, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can we generate all appointment reminders and recalls automatically?

Yes. Our recalls and appointments system communicate with patients by e-mail and SMS text message. We also send Calendar entries for each event and these are added to patient smartphone and PCs. This is completely automated so you can focus on caring for your patients whilst we handle this side of the business for you.

We want to move to completely digital forms and e-signing- can you help?

Yes. All our forms are digitally issued to patients and we capture their agreement/consents using e-signing technology. You can be a completely paperless practice.

Can you help keep patient consent forms up-to-date

Yes. Our digital consent forms are issued to patients automatically to capture their consent using e-signing technology. We re-issue consent form reminders automatically to patients before their existing consents forms lapse.

Do you cater for NHS patients and digital claims?

Yes. We have comprehensive NHS patient modules for practices in England and Wales. We also record the case assessments data, exemptions, remissions and COVID triage information required for successful FP17O submissions.

Submitting, managing and reporting on your NHS work is simple. NHS FP17O claims are transferred digitally to the NHS BSA. NHS work is claimed directly from the patient file with just a few clicks when you complete the plan and feedback on is tracked daily, so you can keep on top of your NHS contracts.  

FDS dental-referrals & Rego
We have integrated the technology offered by both of these leading referral platforms.

Which devices does Orthobridge run on?

The software runs and performs perfectly well on Windows PCs, Apple PC, iPads and iPhones, Android Tablets and smartphones.

Will I need a bridge for my radiographs?

OrthoBridge allows you to import and store X-rays in the cloud so that you access them from everywhere. All images formats (X-rays, DICOM, MRI, digital pictures) as well as  related documents (admission notes, findings reports, documents, photos) can be attached to patients’ medical records and are securely accessible anywhere.

In some instances, we can automatically update the patient records directly from the X-ray machine's output. This is subject to testing and configuration within the practice and will be carried out by our support team during set-up.

Do you have further advanced Cephalometric technology

Yes. In addition to our integrated Cephalometric analyses and automatic tracing, our partners also provide enhanced technology to assess skull growth projection, VTO, STO, planning, simulation, prediction, and automatic, manual or structural superimposition with extensive reporting capabilities.

Do we need to change our existing hardware or IT infrastructure to use it?

Almost certainly you do not. Orthobridge runs via your web browser on PC, Table or smartphone. You do not need any local devices, servers or hardware to operate it. Orthobridge reduces IT support and infrastructure costs in the practice when compared to traditional on premise solutions.

You can also choose to run it from home or on the move (e.g. Train, Taxi, on the beach!).

What speed should our internet connection be at the practice for good performance?

We recommend a minimum 2Mb/s speed per connected device at any one location. A fibre connection (or cable service) is ideal and something most locations now support.

If you want to test your internet connection speed, visit https://www.speedtest.net and activate the line test. This will give you an excellent indication of your speed.

What happens if the Internet goes down?

OrthoBridge is fully accessible on your smartphone and tablet/iPads. So if your regular Internet connection goes down, you can simply use your phone or iPad that has access to your 3G/4G/5G mobile network.

What does my monthly subscription include?

Our pricing includes everything including document generation, automated email, e-signatures and Cephalometric analyses.

The only additional cost is SMS charges.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees.

Where is OrthoBridge based?

OrthoBridge is headquartered in the UK with local and regional sales and support teams and has targeted expanded presence in new markets in 20024 and 2025.

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