As an orthodontist involved in running a practice, you can’t do it all. Putting the technology in place for your practice and your teams to run smoothly is the key to success.

Speed and efficiency

Orthobridge is designed to ensure Orthodontists work more efficiently. From automated text and email reminders, patient flow, instant access to all patient data during treatment, to reports on patients and practice income., we make everything faster, easier and more efficient.

Automated CEPH analysis

Manual CEPH analysis is tedious and time-consuming. Our automated tracings provides increased accuracy of measurements and analysis, and a turnaround time of under one minute.

Analyse a patient lateral CEPH x-ray and get the full tracing of landmarks and any number of analyses instantly.

  • Automatic landmark tracing
  • Select from a large range of industry-standard analyses
  • Fast and highly accurate
  • Manual edits available of required

The patient journey

Each patient's journey is seamless from beginning-to-end and all points in-between. Now you can ensure an exceptional patient experience and build better patient relationships.


Reports that would take hours to create are available with just a few clicks – across all areas of the practice from patient scheduling, referral reporting, diary utilisation and revenue reporting and forecasting.

Team effectiveness

We cut administrative overheads massively with digital forms, e-signing, electronic patient reminders, patient recalls and payment planning.

Orthobridge's all-in-one cloud platform delivers comprehensive and engaging patient service enabling orthodontic practices to achieve sustainable growth & profitability.

manage and grow with us

Manage and grow with Orthobridge today

Manage and engage patients more effectively, get more reviews, get more visibility in search results and connect with more patients, all in one easy-to-use platform.