Reception / Front-of-house

Reception / Front-of-house

Your reception team is typically often the first and last face your patients will see when they visit your practice. Ensuring reception is well equipped with the best technology allows them to be their best and will benefit your orthodontic practice in so many ways.

Orthobridge's front-of-house reception and workflow technology provide an excellent way for your team to make the most of their time and provide the best possible customer service to your patients.  Let’s take a look at the ways your reception team can use technology, from the moment the patient steps foot into the practice through to their next appointment, to drive patient care and customer satisfaction

Contactless check-in

Remote check-in tool is a powerful tool that allows patients to check-in prior to entering the practice. On arrival, your reception team can focus purely on the best customer service and ensure everything runs smoothly - making them feel at ease and ready for their appointment. NOTE: Patients cannot check-in after the appointments time - instead they are directed to contact the reception staff, removing any late check-in issues.

E-signed consent and medical forms

Patients can complete forms and e-sign documents on their home computer or smartphone before arrival. Secure and simple to use, submitted digital documents and forms are automatically added to your patients' records.


Write letters for patients, doctors, and third parties directly within the patient record where everything is to hand

Online bookings

With Orthobridge's booking plug-in for your website, you can take controlled bookings 24/7, reducing the time your receptionist spend taking bookings over the phone—and it’s all automatically synchronised with your appointment diary.

Quickly find and add patients

Our powerful and instant search function finds patient records instantly - wherever you are in the system

Attendance notifications

Receive notifications when the next client has check-in or moves between phases within the practice flow

Mobile friendly

Manage patient flow and appointments on the go on your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

Lightning search

The simplest and fastest way to find time in anyone's diary

Automated appointment reminders

Reduce patient no-shows with SMS and email messages that are sent automatically to remind your clients of forthcoming appointments.

Wait list

Next time someone calls to cancel an appointment, fill the gap in your schedule with a client from your wait list.

Reschedule appointments

Quickly and easily reschedule appointments with lightning search

Online cancellations

Your patient can have the power to cancel their own appointments. You and the attending practitioner are notified of any cancellations instantly

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