When selling your orthodontic practice, you should ensure you have everything potential acquirers look for to command the highest enterprise price.

While there are many things you can do to raise the valuation of your practice, there is little that moves needle as much as cloud-based practice management technology. Implementing cloud technology will improve the operational cost-efficiency and profitability of your practice overnight - without any upfront investment.

Staff productivity

Instead of worrying that the salaries are driving up costs, ensure your technology is enabling increased productivity. By automating dozens of tedious, manual tasks your team can focus on income-generating and customer-facing activities.

Improve the patient experience

Acquirers will focus on your balance sheet but they will seriously consider the long-term profitability of your practice. If you have the systems and processes in place to deliver an outstanding patient-first experience, it will drive future business.

Patient communications, text messaging, digital forms and e-signatures and online payment services are just some of the key drives to match today’s patient expectations. When you have the right technologies in place, buyers don’t have to spend time and money implementing the technologies they need to deliver a modern patient experience.

Reduce no-shows and failures

Reduce patient no-shows with SMS and email messages that are sent automatically to remind your clients of upcoming appointments.

Online cancellations

Your patients can have the power to cancel their own appointments anytime up to 24 hours before their appointed time. You and the practitioner will be notified of any cancellations by email instantly

Calendar entries feeds

Send reminder in is a standardised format to get added directly to your patient's smartphone calendar

Increase revenue collection rates

A practice with a healthy cash flow is more valuable to acquirers. Implementing new technologies achieve higher revenue collections rates and improve the financial health of your dental practice. You can use technology to and issue e-statements immediately after each visit. You can accept online payments to make it easy for patients to pay you and send automated invoice reminders via text and email to stay on top of collections without having your staff spend hours on tedious and manual tasks.

The patient experience is to growing your practice. These individual touches and communications, driven effortlessly by technology, make a real difference to their experience and your bottom line.