Why you need patient feedback?

As little as a decade ago, we friends, family or colleagues for a recommendation but today the search for a new smile begins online. Research shows that 90% of us will read online reviews before choosing an orthodontist. Additionally. 50% of patients will not consider a practice that has negative patient feedback. So, gaining current and future patients, requires building and maintaining up a strong online reputation.

Reviews are recommendations, fact

When you go online to find out information about a medical practice, you want to read authentic accounts of current patients. It’s simple: the more patients you ask, the more reviews you get. So, your first step to a strong online reputation is proactively getting reviews from your patients. Make sure that you are listening to reviews coming from all places and you are responding and acting on it as well. By asking every patient for feedback, managing that feedback and taking appropriate action when needed, you can build and improve your online reputation.

Positive feedback means greater visibility on Google search

Google prioritises websites with more frequent activity and fresh, organic content. This is exactly what new reviews are. Unless you want to spend many hours every day writing authentic, new blog content with relevant keywords that potential patients would like to read, reviews are the way to go. Even then, Google places a higher value on User-Generated Content over content created by the business. Simply put, the more reviews you have, the higher the search ranking your business can expect.

Why your practice needs to collect patient feedback constantly

Earning a few 5-star reviews is great but you cannot just sit back and stop caring once you do. most patients consider reviews older than three months to be irrelevant — so if all your reviews are from last year (or older as iis often the case) , prospective patients will choose a competitor with more recent reviews.

For a busy practice devoting all their time to caring for patients, consistently collecting feedback from every patient might sound daunting. The good news is that Orthobridge make the process automatic, ensuring you ask patients for feedback, respond to every comment, question, and review from one place, and share success stories to your social media pages — with but a click.