Email is one of the most important communications channels for nearly all businesses. Orthodontic practices are no exception. There are a few reasons that the email channel is so valuable:

  • It’s inexpensive: sending a 1,000 emails in bulk costs less than 50p
  • It’s personalised: patients can receive emails tailored specifically to them
  • It’s measurable: you can easily determine the effectiveness of your email campaigns
  • It’s a two-way conversation: you can have two-way conversations with patients via email

There’s many ways your practice can use email to improve your patient experience.

Appointment Reminders

No-shows have a very negative effect on practice productivity and patient loyalty. Appointment reminder are a commonly used mechanism for reducing no-shows, and getting earlier noticed of upcoming cancellations.

It's been shown that a combination of email and text message reminders to reduce cancellations by well over 50%. This means a busier and more stable patient flow and increased practice income.

Recall Campaigns

It’s more cost-effective to get business from an existing customer than from a new customer. Recall campaigns are a high-impact approach for this reason.

Using Orthobridge's segmentation of patients who should have returned for a visit, but did not, you can automate sending these individuals an email that reminds them of the missed appointment and educates them about why the service is valuable to their dental health.

Regular newsletters for patients

Newsletters are an effective way to stay top of mind, share the latest updates from your practice, and give a boost to your business. Keep in mind that your newsletter must provide real value to the reader – make sure that you aren’t just creating and sending it because of your internally-imposed deadline.

Deals & Promotions

Email is a fantastic tool for getting the word out about any deal or promotion going on at your practice and regular emails can be sent to your full patient list.

Orthobridge provides the foundation, digital housekeeping and automation required to utilise email effectively and efficiently.