Using telehealth to set your practice apart

Health care from the safety of our homes is not new but has exploded since the spread of coronavirus. Video appointments are on the rise, improving the delivery of orthodontic services and giving patients some assurance for the road ahead including easing their worries by reducing their risk of coming into contact with strangers.

Here’s how virtual orthodontic consultations from Orthobridge can benefit your practice:

It’s quick and easy

The orthodontic practice simply creates an diary booking for any patient ands selected the 'Video' option. The patient receives their calendar invite and a web link to connect with you through a video conference. This way, you can discuss and review treatment options (and progress) entirely remotely. No special apps or downloads required.

Tasks that Orthodontists can carry out remotely

The report “Teledentistry, Do-It-Yourself Orthodontics, and Remote Treatment Monitoring” by shows the benefits of telehealth for orthodontics lies beyond dealing with emergencies alone. This includes examination of the patient, reviewing health histories, diagnosing malocclusions and offering recommendations for specific treatment in the patient’s area.

With the rise in cheap DIY at home orthodontic solutions, telehealth offers another weapon in the armoury to help fight back against this disruptive and questionable invasion of your profession.

The patient perspective

For patients connecting to their orthodontist in a virtual environment, they:

  • Miss less time away from work or school
  • Have fewer disruptions to their domestic responsibilities
  • Eliminate the time or travel expenses associated with a practice visit
  • Receive quality orthodontic care faster and easier
  • Reduce subjecting themselves and others to contagious viruses

Virtual consultations will never replace in-person visits but they will play an ever-increasing role in making orthodontic care accessible, convenient and more affordable in the future. A future that is here today.