Audit trail

A detailed audit log tracks everything that is happening across the system

Regulatory standards demand a secure audit trail

Audit is at the heart of every standard and regulation published in the last decade. Whether it is security in general, data privacy, secure transactions, or integrity, audit log need to be in place in a secure and indisputable way. Key compliance requirements in an orthodontic practice taking digital payments include GDPR, ISO 27001, FDA CFR 21 Part 11 and the EU's NIST Directive.

The Importance of the audit log to your practice

The audit log provides a baseline for an audit when initiating an investigation. It pinpoints elements such as changes to a patient record, stock levels or information contained therein, and detect improper or even fraudulent activity. An accurate and well-defined audit trail provides the evidence to find answers and solve issues and is useful in all of the following scenarios:

  • Security – identify that something wrong has happened. This happens only in case you are using a secure way to store and track activities related to information security
  • Compliance – ensuring your logs comply with most of the standards and regulations
  • Forensics – find out who did what and when and be able to prove it. This is especially crucial where lawsuits are involved
  • Data integrity – Allow you to reconstruct the data that was modified and the time it was modified, so that you know which backup to use, relying on the data provided in it

Orthobridge's digital audit trail

Our integrated system audit log entry contains key information on every patient-related action taken within the system including:

  • Who the patient was
  • What the event was
  • What member of staff, other user, system or application actioned the event
  • The date and time the event occurred
  • All the data related to the event


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