Patient management

Blazingly fast access to patient records with all the information available in one intuitive screen

Patient management

Patient management lies at the heart of the Orthobridge's platform. One single screen, instantly accessible from anywhere in the system, provides a detailed access to every aspect of a patient's orthodontic journey. No more screen switching, no more F-keys to remember, no more floating menu bars, everything about the patient is all there in one place.

Information access

You have instant access to all of the following information and procedures with a single click

  • Patient profile (including avatar photo, patient code, full name and address, DOB, friendly name, treatment status, payment status, assigned orthodontists)
  • Medical alerts - any medical alerts are clearly highlighted in red at the above the patient profile
  • Reminders - any specific reminders are highlighted alongside the patient profile
  • Appointments (history and future dates)
  • Next procedure indicator
  • Patient notes and activity log (complete audit trail)
  • Dental assessment
  • Teeth specific assessment
  • OPG/Ceph X-rays (including metrics, images and radiography notes)
  • Documents and e-signed consent forms
  • Letters sent (patient and dentist)
  • Payment plans including payment status and credit card facility
  • Waiting list (where appropriate)
  • SMS/Chat text with full chat history

Instant access to all key areas of the system

From the patient record, you have instant access to key additional features including

  • Practice diary
  • Waiting area - the waiting area is also available in one click - again retaining the current patient record
  • Text message applications
  • Recently viewed patients

Access the practice diary

The practice diary is always available in one click - sliding over the current screen and retaining your position. This ensures you don't have to remember what you were doing and can service diary enquiries seamlessly and effortlessly without keeping patients or practitioners waiting

Access the waiting area

The waiting area is also always available in one click - sliding over the current screen and retaining your position. This ensures you don't have to remember what you were doing and can service check-ins, check-outs, no shows (DNAs) without keeping patients or practitioners waiting

Medical alerts

Add high-visibility alerts that provide crucial notes about your client’s health and general well-being.

Store and access patient files

Access and upload all of your patient’s images, letters, and any other patient files instantly.

Treatment notes

Record and access all of your notes and audit history in a click - they’re available whenever you need them, on any device.

Patient forms

Bring all your key patient forms online including medical consent forms, medical history and payment plans. Simple, secure and extremely fast, all completed forms are instantly added to your patients' records and stored securely in PDF format

Diary bookings (In practice and Online video)

Add patient bookings, both on site and telehealth video bookings to the patient record in seconds

Communication records

SMS / Text messages sent and received via Orthobridge's integrated messaging service are automatically added to the patient record.

Payment plans made easy

The payment planner enables you to set up a payment plan in seconds. Add pricing, discounts, insurance payments and a single slider updates the term and calculates future payments instantly. Once the patient is happy, a single click emails the plan to the patient for e-signing. Once signed, it's returned straight back to the patient file. It can all happen in under a minute and there's no physical paperwork required.

Each patient is automatically sent a monthly statement outlining their payment status.

Account balance

See how much the patient owes or in credit. Easily find out if a patient has outstanding payments.

Credit card payments

Take credit card payments in a couple of clicks - all payments are tracked against the patient's record

Quill - letters in seconds

Writing letters has never been faster or simpler.

You create your letter templates, add all your patient data fields as required, and quill prepares everything for you. Email it directly from to the patient or referrer, send it to your printer queue for physical postage.

It's all there - just simpler and faster than any other solution on the market. We promise!

Integrated image management

The integrated image editor enables vertical and horizonal axis flipping, 360-degree rotations, colour blending, contrast, brightness, exposure and saturation changes and watermarking.

Upload photos directly from your smartphone

A real benefit of being able to run the system on your phone is being able to take a patient's photos on your phone and upload straight to the patient's record with a couple of clicks.

That saves so much time and is a surprisingly useful benefit for many of our practitioners.

Laptop, iPad and mobile ready

Keep up to date on your practice activities wherever you are.

Fast. Intuitive. Comprehensive

Taking patient management to new levels of performance, ease and accessibility

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