Waiting lists

Create lists to track patients for any purpose including last-minute cancellations, NHS lists or any other reason.

Patient lists are a requirement in every orthodontic practice. Perhaps all your near-term appointments are completely booked but you still have patients who would like to get treatment if a cancellation opens up, you can keep track of them using the Wait List feature. Perhaps you're an NHS practice and you have waiting lists extending many years ahead.

Whatever the reason, you need to manage lists of patients effortlessly and Orthobridge patient lists has the answer.

Create a new list in seconds

A new patient list can be created in seconds.

Set criteria that patient's must meet

Add the criteria that need to be meet to be added to the list.

Publish the list and it's available in every patient's record

Once the list is published, it's available on every patient's record and they can be added if they meet the documented requirements.

Patient lists are a simple yet powerful feature within the system. Rather than using Excel spreadsheets or word documents, the lists are accessible with a click and the whole practice knows who what and where they are.


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