Check-in and patient flow

Manage your practice patient flow effortlessly

Check-in and patient flow

Your front office team hold the first conversation with your patients and set the tone of your orthodontic practice. Make sure they are equipped with what they need to make every visit seamless and productive.

Orthobridge's front-of-house reception and patient technologies provide an excellent way for your team to make the most of their time and provide the best possible customer service to your patients.  Let’s take a look at the ways your reception team can use technology, from the moment the patient steps foot into the practice through to their next appointment, to drive patient care and customer satisfaction

Contactless check-in

Remote check-in tool is a powerful tool that allows patients to check-in prior to entering the practice. On arrival, your reception team can focus purely on the best customer service and ensure everything runs smoothly - making them feel at ease and ready for their appointment.

With Orthobridge's state-of-the-art check-in and workflow, the check-in process and patient flow at orthodontic practises has never been easier – empowering patients to independently manage their appointments and receive real-time appointment notifications and updates from the convenience of their phones. Staff are notified when patients arrive at the practice and tracks their progress throughout their time on-site. Linked directly to the patient records, staff can access a patient’s record to carry out any work without having to search for them manually.

Check – In terminal - fast and contactless

Having your patients check into their appointment over the reception counter or through a social distancing process of phoning up to notify the practise of their arrival prior can be onerous. Your Orthobridge front-of-house terminal has easy-to-use touch screen display,

  • It allows patients to check themselves in as arrived for their appointment using their date of birth and first two letters of their surname for identification
  • Their waiting room status is instantly visible throughout the practice
  • Getting this information instantly increases the efficiency of clinical and administrative teams.

The terminal software is included in your standard Orthobridge package. You simply supply a tablet PC (Windows, Apple or Android) and a display stand of your choice. You can choose a counter-mounted, wall-mounted or floor-standing display —to suit your reception area.

Time tracking for each stage of the process

Times are captured and recorded in minutes for every phase of the patient's journey , from arrival to leaving the building.

Live updates and notifications

Cancellations and failures actioned with a click

Appointments can be cancelled with a click (we do recommend enforcing a detailed reason in every case though) and Failures/No-show patients cab be moved to appointments held (AH) status simply and quickly. This status updated is then tracked and clearly visibly on their patient record for their next visit.

Automatically logged

All information is stored automatically and available in each patient's audit log for the long-term.

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