NHS claims

Submitting, managing and reporting on your NHS work is simple with Orthobridge

Orthobridge supports NHS Practices in England and Wales and makes submitting and reporting on claims simple. Clear reporting means that you track your claims with ease and ensures you don't miss your claims window.

The patient record

The Patient record tracks NHS claims exemptions, remissions and patient charges exemptions and you can submit claims directly from the patient chart with just a few clicks when you complete the plan.

Exemption, remissions and patient charge

For active courses of orthodontic treatment the performer is expected to make 2 submissions; one when active treatment commences and a second submission when active treatment is completed. Orthobridge tracks everything directly against the patient record, clearly and effortlessly

Orthodontic clinical data set

It is a requirement of each provider’s contract to submit specific clinical data items when proposed and or provided. Orthobridge record the totality of the treatment currently anticipated to be provided in the course of treatment and should be included when appliances are fitted and claims made.

COVID triage

Orthobridge record the patient’s COVID status during each appointment and the number of COVID triage assessments occurring during the current phase of orthodontic treatment. The patient’s COVID status may change over the course of the period covered by the FP17O claim. Therefore, there is a separate code for each patient status.

Claim submission

our aim is for error-free claims submission and fast feedback. Our clear forms guide you through the process directly from the patient's file and ensure you submit all the relevant information for your claim.


Automatic daily updates mean that your practice UDA count is updated as claims are processed and returned. Successful and problem claims are clearly highlighted and notifications and reports tracks messages relating to errors so you can resolve them quickly and simply resubmit.

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