Video consultations

Schedule video consultations and progress patient treatments remotely

Treat patients anywhere—you’re no longer limited by location, time-zones or travel restrictions. Now, just like in your practice, you can arrange appointments with individuals (and their families), perform examinations, recommend treatments and offer follow-up care—all through a secure, high-quality HIPAA and HITECH video connection.

Many practices are limited in patient recruitment based on a number of external factors. For example:

  • High-risk patient who needs to remain at home?
  • Patients with mobility challenges?
  • Patients who lives in remote rural areas?

This is no longer a problem. You can now offer care and guidance through your computer, tablet and mobile device.

How it works

Patients are booked into a video appointment just as they are booked into your practice diary. They’ll get a similar confirmation email but instead of directions to the practice, they will get a personalised link that lets them jump straight onto into the consultation video call.

When their appointment time arrives, all your patient needs to do is follow the link, and they’ll be taken to the online treatment room where you’ll join them. Just one click and they’re in!

It really is that easy. And it’s simple for you, too!

Save time on no shows

Once your patient enters the call, you’ll receive a notification on your desktop, table and iPhone that they’ve joined. Just click the button on the appointment page to join them. No time wasted waiting around for no-shows!

Browser and devices support

There is no plug-in or app download required to use the video service and e support all leading the leading devices and web browsers:

  • Chrome, Safari. Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  • iOS 12.1 and later versions
  • Android 5.0 and above

HIPAA/HITECH compliant

The rules governing compliance are robust and enforced, as anyone working with protected health information (PHI) must know. Video chat compliance, like any HIPAA piece, is a rigorous exercise. We are proud to say our video service is both HIPAA and HITECH compliant and the first specialist provider in the orthodontic industry to achieve this compliance.

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