Supplier management

Consumables and supplier management is critical to the smooth running of any orthodontic practice

Easily manage inventory. Accurately predict demand

Orthobridge's stock and supplier management is very powerful yet easy-to-use and understand. We have integrated stock lines from some of the industry's leading orthodontic suppliers so the whole process of managing stock levels, ordering and tracking re-order levels is highly effective and efficient - saving your practice hours every month generating supplier order forms and tracking stock levels.

Search supplier inventory on-demand

We are integrating complete supplier inventory lists from the industry's leading suppliers. That means you can access and search 1000's of inventory listings in seconds.

Once you find what you're looking for in your supplier database, a single click adds that product to your practice inventory system.

Build your practice inventory directly from suppliers data

That allows you to track your levels and add items to any supplier shopping cart in seconds.

Once your cart is suitably stocked, it's one click to generate a purchase order (PO) and have it automatically emailed to that supplier.

The more inventory a practice has, the less likely it has what it needs

Visibility and 90-day forecasting

With Orthobridge managing your stock and re-order levels, you always know when you need to place an order. It also means everyone in the practice has visibility about current stock levels, what is on order, how frequently orders are placed, how things cost and how prices change over time,

Our forecasting tool is tied directly to future patient treatments, with the required inventory and consumables tracked again each procedure. This means you will always know EXACTLY what is required and when - down to the day and the hours.

Re-order from leading suppliers in seconds

You always know your future inventory requirements based on your practice diary and we maintain a shopping cart for each suppler so you can issue a fully-automated purchase order in two clicks. And a complete track record of all inventory and orders is maintained effortlessly.

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